Kimberly Alcorn

Lover of dogs, the outdoors, classic literature, and horror movies.

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The Kavanaugh vs. Dr. Ford Dilemma
9 months ago
Unless you’ve had your head under a rock these last few weeks, you’ve probably heard some of the commotion surrounding Brett Kavanaugh becoming the next Justice on the Supreme Court. He has been accus...
Please Don’t Forget
a year ago
I just read an article by the Washington Post that states surveys show two-thirds of Millenials don’t know what the Holocaust is. At first, I was almost in shock and I thought, “That can’t be right......
To Everyone Who Walked Out
a year ago
March 14th, exactly one month after the Parkland school shooting, students in schools across the nation participated in “walking out” to protest gun ownership by civilians. If you were one of those st...
The Plight of My Generation
a year ago
Seventeen people lost their lives last month in a tragic, heartbreaking school shooting. There are no words I can type on my smartphone to do that justice. There is no way I can relate to it, either. ...
So We Disagree? NBD
2 years ago
People get upset about nearly everything these days. Unless you live with your head under the sand, you've probably seen some of the latest social media fighting firsthand; the debate about whether to...