Kevin McClintock

Master of Arts, Cambridge writer and teacher. Interests: Cosmology, Philosophy, Theology, Literature, Music, Politics and Science.
Political Characters
a year ago
Winston Churchill Churchill is famous for many things, not least his 'character'. Witty, passionate, lachrymose and 'honourable', he is not likely to be forgotten. His politics were not without contro...
What If Churchill Had Died In 1931?
a year ago
His death in a New York road accident was reported and he was mourned, but it was the passing of one who has already had his day.
Review: Lyndon B. Johnson: Portrait of a President, by Robert Dallek
a year ago
Sadly, that might be all that most people know of him other than that he ascended to the presidency after JFK’s assassination. Sadly, for LBJ merits the title One of the Great Presidents—a man who did...
They Have You in Their Sights
a year ago
Targets used to be something to aim at (see illustration). Nowadays they are (a) a means of control and (b) a sure fire way of screwing up the systems they are meant to regulate. Nominally introduced ...