Katy Preen

Research scientist, author & artist based in Manchester, UK.  Strident feminist, SJW, proudly working-class.

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Dear Theresa
7 hours ago
I know that you’re having a tough time. Your job is probably the most difficult and thankless in the whole country, and yet it is also coveted by those you should be able to rely on. I say that it is ...
My First Protest
14 days ago
The Conservative Party Conference was in Manchester last week, and plenty of people were unhappy about it. This isn’t a huge surprise as they’re lagging behind in the polls, social problems are rife, ...
Have People Really Had Enough Of Experts?
a month ago
Michael Gove is often misquoted as having said that “people have had enough of experts”, although some commentators have dug out the actual quote and presented it in its original context, which makes ...
On Punching Nazis
a month ago
Do you know when there's a fashionable idea going around, but there's something that feels a bit “off” with it? I spend a lot of time in skeptical and atheist circles, and there is always some real-wo...
Westminster's DUP Deal Could Bring Equalities Reform
4 months ago
Finally, we actually have a government in Westminster. Sure, it’s not the greatest option, but the Conservative-DUP amalgam is the best we could hope for in the present circumstances. It’s been someth...
Strong And Stable, But At What Cost?
4 months ago
“Strong and stable” has been repeated over and over during the last two months, since UK Prime Minister Theresa May called a General Election on 18th April. But what does that mean? We have been askin...