Katie Pevreall

Katie Pevreall is a freelance journalist. Previously Senior Editor at LIVEKINDLY she is currently pursuing an MA at Winchester University.

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#BBCSwitchOff: The Hashtag Sweeping the Nation
6 months ago
This evening (9 August) #BBCSwitchOff has been gaining traction over Twitter, reaching lofty heights and trending at No.1 in the UK and No. 4 globally in a matter of hours. According to Twitter users,...
A Message to White People: Racism Is Alive and Well in the LGBTQ+ Community
7 months ago
This is a message to White people, detailing what everyone else already knows: racism is alive and well in the LGBTQ+ community. It’s often presumed that if someone is a member of one of society’s mar...
Pride Is the Protest, Not the After Party
7 months ago
Pride has come to be an annual beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community, a place for us to celebrate our identities, a safe space to express ourselves, supposedly without fear of repercussions. With su...