Justin Maury

Head of Creative @ Jerrick. I also make things that you can hang on your wall.

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Why You Should Remove My Ancestor's Statue… And All the Other Confederate Monuments
a year ago
My ancestor was Commander Matthew Fontaine Maury, the Pathfinder of the Seas. You may have never heard of him, but he is buried between presidents James Monroe and John Tyler at the Hollywood Cemetery...
17 Amazing Examples of Street Art Trolling Kim Jong Un
a year ago
The insanity that is DPRK has caused a wave of Kim Jong Un street art to be made — and all of it is lampooning the dictator.
23 Donald Trump Illustrations that Sum Up America's Feelings Perfectly
a year ago
Humanity has always had a history of expressing social, political, and personal views using artwork. In Ancient Greece, the artwork extolling political figures took the form of statues and paintings o...