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Why Do People Vote Against Their Own Interests?
7 months ago
In recent elections, about 60 percent of the voter population voted during presidential election years and only about 40 percent voted during midterm elections. 2018's midterm elections, however, saw ...
Reasons Why Trump Could Be Impeached
7 months ago
If Americans could have it their way, Donald Trump would not be the President of the United States. Since his inauguration, Trump's approval rating has been lower than any other president in recent hi...
10 Ways to Support Democrats in 2018
10 months ago
Emotions surrounding the 2016 Presidential election are still high. The juxtaposition of extreme views brought previously festering issues to the foreground, and many people's perspectives on the coun...
Dear Donald, Are You Making America Great Again?
2 years ago
When you were nominated to be the Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential race, I was sure that Hillary had won. You were loud, obnoxious, rude and inexperienced. You didn't have a clear platfo...
Most Anti-LGBTQ Politicians
2 years ago
The more progress the LGBTQ rights movement makes, the more anti-LGBTQ political figures emerge from the woodwork. Instead of backpedaling and accepting their negative stances, now is the time to figh...