Joshua Lowenberg

Current student at the University of South Florida, Political Enthusiast, Christian, Conservative.

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Breaking: Trump Meets With Kim Jong Un, Kim Promises 'Complete Denuclearization'
a year ago
The Singapore summit, which seemed a few weeks ago like it might not have happened after a cancellation by President Trump, saw President Donald Trump and Dictator Kim Jong Un hash out an agreement in...
Could the "Blue Wave" Be Starting to Break Far from Shore?
a year ago
The Democratic party is being plagued by multiple issues that could easily keep them from retaking the Congress. The "Blue Wave" which Democrats had been hoping for (taking many congressional seats an...
How to Run for Political Office in 7 Easy Steps
a year ago
Running for office isn't the easiest thing to do, but I will break it down into 7 easy steps.
Here Are the 6 Different Types of Conservative
a year ago
When we think of conservatives, we all typically think of one set group of ideals. But in truth, the conservative movement is full of many different ideas, factions, and political stances.
Trump Cancels Meeting With North Korea; Why He Did It, and What It Means
a year ago
Donald Trump recently released a letter from the White House on his Twitter; in the letter he postpones or cancels the June 12th Summit that Trump and Kim Jong Un had agreed to. Trump agreed to meet w...
How Trump Can Bring the Minority Vote Back to Republicans
a year ago
The election of Donald Trump was a bombshell for the Democratic party in many ways. Firstly, the Democrats were 98 percent sure they were going to win in 2016. Spoiler alert, they didn't. But the bigg...