Joshua Guess

I'm a novelist and freelance writer living and working in Kentucky--as long as the cats aren't walking across the laptop. 

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The GOP Punched Itself in the Face
2 years ago
In one of my previous pieces, I put forward the idea that the healthcare bill championed by Mitch McConnell was a huge political miscalculation. Since then, the bill was put on the back burner for a l...
The Human Cost of Healthcare
2 years ago
To say healthcare is hard, regardless of what aspect of it you're discussing, is an understatement of incredible proportion. It doesn't matter if you're talking regulation, measuring treatment outcome...
The Republican Party Has a Mitch McConnell Problem
2 years ago
Mitch McConnell had a choice: he could let the house healthcare bill die in the senate, or he could craft his own. There was no chance the disastrous house bill could pass the upper chamber. GOP senat...