Drew Bradford

Artist, Activist, Writer, Director, and Actor are just a few ways to describe me. Equality for all and working for a better future with a voice for everyone. 420 Advocate. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter for the latest updates. @drewx_o

To Jeff Sessions, With Love
2 years ago
Dear Mr. Sessions, I was born and raised in the great state of Alabama and most of my, if not all of my life you have been a senator or political figure in the state. I grew up on a farm in rural nort...
2 years ago
As of the day I initially started this article and the day I chose to complete it, this situation in the great country I live in has gone so many ways. The country has gone in circles as our supposed ...
The Neo-Nazi Propaganda Machine
2 years ago
We are allowing too much freedom of pushing his boundaries to this president. Point blank. Between his executive orders and the most important thing to me to express in this article, his Neo-Nazi Prop...
#CALEXIT, Leaving a Nation
2 years ago
If you've read my work before you'll know I'm a recent California migrant, coming from the beautiful state of Alabama. As you'll also know I love my new home state more than anyone will ever understan...
Living Blue in a Red State
2 years ago
So I am sure you're completely sick of reading about this past election or you feel your voice was never heard in the past election season. For that there is an easily understandable reason. Have you ...