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May's Cabinet Reshuffle - an Overview
2 years ago
This week, Theresa May moved forward with her cabinet reshuffle. Well, moved forward, then back again, then slightly to the left, then hopped on one foot, before eventually giving up and going back to...
Is OIL Behind the Rising Tensions with China, Russia and North Korea?
2 years ago
America's largest export, is its own currency - The nation's economic success is pinned on maintaining international demand for USD After the end of the second World War, the US Dollar was naturally e...
Manchester’s LGBT “Extra-Care” Housing Community
2 years ago
Some quick figures regarding LGBT Statistics: In 2015, 1.7% of the UK population identified themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB). More males (2.0%) than females (1.5%) identified themselves as...
The Cost of Saving
2 years ago
This continued obsession with universally driving down the cost of government in the holy-name-of-austerity is thankfully starting to raise a few eyebrows amongst the more open-minded sections of the ...
£1bn Deal Agreed Between Conservatives & DUP and The Death of Austerity
2 years ago
Following the shambolic election campaign, embarrassing Queen's Speech and the controversial move to hold a 2-year parliamentary session, Theresa May has today announced that a deal has been reached b...
Theresa May Cancels Queen's Speech
2 years ago
Following a tumultuous few months in British Politics, including Theresa May's deceitful reasoning for a snap election, her shambolic election campaign and the frankly concerning deal/no-deal dance wi...