Jonathan Moore

My works are available as either commissioned pieces, or if enjoy the topic enough I am known for my pro bono work! Also, feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any other questions, comments, or criticisms.

Disease Mongering: The Values of the Modern Healthcare Industry
10 months ago
(OCT 7th, 2017)—There are a few things that every American ought to be aware of, and among those is the knowledge that numbers do not lie. In addition,, there are a few things that the government shou...
Managing Middle-Class Cuts: the Good, the Bad, & the Grattons
10 months ago
(OCT 1st, 2017) — Even with a Senate and House of Representatives weighted in his political favor, Donald Trump still is finding difficulty getting Republicans to agree on his newly formalized tax str...
The Indictment of the Decade: How Russian Nationals Took D.C.
10 months ago
(OCT 31, 2017)—Halloween: a holiday that, year after year, inspires fright in both young and old. This year in particular, Washington is among the many places left pallid from the chilled October air ...