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Follow me @JohnnyVedmore. I'm a UK based Singer, Songwriter, Political Investigative Journalist, Legalise Cannabis Advocate and Leader of UWIP The United Wales Independence Party. FREE WALES!!! Host of Proper Gander.

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UK Troops in Yemen: A History of Violence
5 months ago
Our country is weak. Our citizens are disillusioned, and susceptible to promises, which can never be achieved. Our previous generations had warned us constantly that we should never let this happen ag...
Brexit Is Like Watching Your Uncles Have Sex – Johnny's Brexit PC Suicide Watchtower
7 months ago
Happy Brexit everybody! So this what the future looks like. I was promised pink hoverboards and killer cyborgs but instead we’ll be arguing about Brexit as our crazy little island sinks into the risin...
The Left and Right Paradigm Is a Lie - We Need to Talk About the Centre
7 months ago
The idea of left and right in politics is always divisively subjective and relative to your own presupposed position on that spectrum. If you were to say that your natural political position is occupy...
How to Stop Politicians Lying! Guillotines and Localism?
8 months ago
If I were to describe to you all the feelings that I experience when I watch the UK Conservative party lie to parliament, I would say it is like a burning volcanic eruption inside my rib cage, moving ...
A Rough Guide to the Intellectual Dark Web - Peterson, Shapiro, Harris, and the Weinstein Brothers
a year ago
The members of the Intellectual Dark Web have declared the start of a new era of utilising modern technological communication for the exchange of advanced cultural ideas. If you are unaware of this gr...
'Impeach the President' - MsM Madness, American Civil War II, and Syrian Hamsters - Behind the Song
a year ago
On the face of it, my newest musical release would seem like an obvious two stiffened middle fingers aimed directly at the President of the United States of America, but nothing is ever quite that sim...