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Bryan Watch: April Week 2
11 days ago
The second week of April was pretty slow for Congress. Only 11 votes cast, and six were non-party line votes. Of the five party line votes, three were procedural. Party line votes first. The big parti...
Bryan Watch: Week One April
19 days ago
It’s Friday again, so let's take a look back at what Congress has been up to this last week or so. Since March 27, the House has cast 27 votes. 9 were non-party-line, 9 were procedural, and 9 were par...
Steil Watch: Feb-Mar
a month ago
Steil Watch: February-March Edition. Congress wasn’t up to all that much the last two months, so I had to wait until there was enough to fill a report. But here is what Congressman Bryan Steil (Wiscon...
Bryan Watch (Pt. 2)
3 months ago
Bryan Watch—Jan 14-18 The House of Representatives cast 14 votes the week of January 14-17. Eight were party line and six were non-party line. Steil voted with the Republican line every time this week...
Bryan Watch
3 months ago
Bryan Watch: January Weeks 1 and 2 Back in the early 2000's, I kept a close watch on Congressman Paul Ryan’s voting record under the label “Ryan Watch.” It fell by the wayside once he became speaker. ...
Ryan Wasted $73 Million on Midterms
5 months ago
Now that all the dust has settled, and every race determined, it turns out the grand total of all the money the Congressional Leadership Fund wasted on attack ads was $73,177,712. That doesn’t include...