John Heckenlively

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Who Is John Ratcliffe?
21 days ago
With Dan Coats leaving as Director of National Intelligence, the Trump administration is suggesting replacing him with Texas congressman John Ratcliffe. Elected in 2014, Ratcliffe represents the 4th D...
Bryan Watch: Late July
22 days ago
It was a relatively slow week in Congress. And it will be even slower in coming weeks, as Congress is on vacation until September. Since I am usually bashing Rep. Steil, a shout out to his two good vo...
Bryan Watch: July 15-18
a month ago
Let’s start out with the obvious vote of the week: Rep. Green’s attempt to impeach President Trump, which was tabled on a vote of 332 to 95. While a short term loss, there were some key votes in favor...
Bryan Watch: NDAA July 12
a month ago
This is an update on what congress did on Friday, July 12, which was primarily work on the National Defense Authorization Act. In the biggest NDAA news, Rep. Barbara Lee (CA) succeeded in her decade-l...
Bryan Watch: July 9-11
a month ago
Big week for Representative Steil as his first bill passed the House of Representatives. It was HR 3050, the Expanding Investment in Small Businesses Act. The purpose of the bill is to require the Sec...
Bryan Watch: Commerce/Justice
2 months ago
On June 20 and 21, the House debated more amendments to the Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations bill (HR 3055). There were 31 votes, 23 party line and 8 non-party line. Steil sided with the Republ...