John Ames Birch

Hello all I’m just an everyday person taking a introspective look at myself and the world. Trying to help anywhere and everywhere I can.

“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one”

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To Serve and Protect
14 days ago
I realize that this is a heated topic, and I mean no disrespect to anyone, nor am I trying to minimize the senseless tragedies that occur each day across the globe, or dishonour their memories. Firstl...
O Canada, O World
21 days ago
Canada, the true north, strong and free. These words have been spoken about for generations. Our collective birthplace on this glittering blue and green globe. Today, on Canada day, I am reminded abou...
Abortion and Women’s Rights
24 days ago
To begin, I recognize that this is a very sensitive topic with heavy opinions on both sides. I am writing this today as a neutral observer, and I mean not to offend anyone. Women, they are our mothers...
Politics and Humanity
a month ago
I, as many of you, i'm sure, have recently started to see attack ads about candidates running for office. Like the first cannons of long forgotten battles shattering the peace of nations, as the popul...
Politics: Two Sides of the Same Coin
3 months ago
In today's world of political scandal and smear campaigns, it's hard to know the truth. It seems that each politician instead of building a better platform and a clearer vision for their country inste...
Humanity and Immigration
6 months ago
Recently, as I'm sure most are aware, the United States has implemented strict immigration policies looking to combat the influx of people seeking asylum within its walls. The most recent policy is on...