Jim Gilliam

I was born in Velasco, Texas a small town on the Gulf Coast and raised in the even smaller town of Port Isabel, Texas. Like the protagonist in my first novel I ran away from home, lied about my age, and joined the Coast Guard at 14.

Dicey’s Parliament in the 21st Century
2 years ago
‘…sovereignty is incompatible, both internationally and internally, with another concept which also has a lengthy history, but which today is widely regarded as a paramount value: the rule of law’. Pr...
Hart and International Law
2 years ago
"Hart never said international law was not law because it did not have secondary rules (and was thus unlike state law). Instead, he pointed to the limits of understanding international law on an analogy with state law."
Institutional Balance vs. Separation of Powers
2 years ago
Is the central concern of the European Union ‘institutional balance’ between the different organs, rather than separation of powers?