Jared Rimer

My name is Jared. I'm always looking for feedback on my work. Email or visit my site . Thanks for reading my articles here on Vocal!

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The Mass Shootings
8 months ago
This world is becoming a sad state of affairs. I just don’t seem to understand what is going on, especially with all of the recent mass shootings that have taken place of late. The most recent took pl...
Is Trump At It Again?
9 months ago
In my previous article here on Vocal dealing with Trump, I talked about why he didn’t seem to fit the job in my opinion. As time has gone on, it seems like I’m becoming right. Recently, during a compu...
Is Donald Trump A Good President?
a year ago
Is Donald Trump really a good president? So, before I start, let me make it clear that I am not registered to vote, so I really have nothing to complain about. The issue is more a moral one than me wa...