Janine Addison

Born and raised in the greatest city in the world NYC. Sees the world through a lens of being here for over forty years. I will wonder why people never want to do better when they can. 

Instagram: Theogbklyngirl

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Oppression Is Not a Trend
a year ago
I am no longer surprised what the world is doing, especially when it comes to race relations. There seems to be this new epidemic of White folks calling the police for whatever black, brown, or any pe...
The War on One Word
2 years ago
The "N" word. Oh yes we are going there. Why? Because it seems the lessons throughout the years need repeating. The "N" word was created to make black people feel bad about being black. The derogatory...
Don't Touch Me
2 years ago
Hehhehehehe. Yes that is giggling and it will continue to be giggling. When 45 got elected, there were many close ups of the new First Lady and one face that was especially telling was when he turned around after smiling at her and she went back totally at least looking very upset. Now whether she was or not, only she is going to know. What it did show however is that body language is a muthafucka. Disdain and hatred cannot be hidden and though our faces and our tones may be better at controllin...
Looks Are Deceiving
2 years ago
The tangerine overlord recently had an article written about him. He was quoted as saying the job of President of the United States is harder than it looks. While half the country knew his happy ass w...
2 years ago
Remind me never to get into crafting outside of my home. Or maybe just don't do anything? I recently came across an article where a Colgate University student was under suspicion of having a firearm w...