Ira Nayman

Humour writer. Creator of the Alternate Reality News Service. Novelist (most recent: The Multiverse is a Nice Place to Visit, But I Wouldn't Want to Live There). Satire web site: Les Pages aux Folles. Figment of Andy Borowitz' imagination.

Disaster Unpreparedness is One of Vesampucceri's Strengths
a month ago
By MARA VERHEYDEN-HILLIARD, Alternate Reality News Service Disasters Writer A month after Orville (the tropical storm that had mutated into a Hurricane — and not in a superhero kind of way, either — n...
A Handmaid's Tale. Told By an Idiot
a month ago
by FREDERICA VON McTOAST-HYPHEN, Alternate Reality News Service People Writer Bettina-Louise Crokinolemisses was born to chaperone. She wears the uniform of the life-long chaperone: demure daisy print...
The Five Minute Presidential Manager
2 months ago
by FREDERICA VON McTOAST-HYPHEN, Alternate Reality News Service People Writer There has been a lot of speculation of late (sorry — traffic was a bitch) over whether President Ronald McDruhitmumpf read...
How Many Corners Do You Have to Turn to Get Back To Where You Started?
2 months ago
by FRANCIS GRECOROMACOLLUDEN, Alternate Reality News Service National Politics Writer In a speech to veterans of political turf wars last week, President Ronald McDruhitmumpf didn’t drool for an entir...
Give a Knee, Support the Cause
2 months ago
by ALEXANDER BIGGS-TUFTS-MANN, Alternate Reality News Service Sports Writer When one white police officer kills an unarmed black man, it can be an isolated incident. When three white police officers k...
The Devil Is in the Douchenozzlosphere
2 months ago
by NANCY GONGLIKWANYEOHEEEEEEEH, Alternate Reality News Service Technology/Social Media Writer As the old saying goes, the fish intimidates from the head down. Roger “Kid” Niestonewallander, feng shui...