Haybitch Abersnatchy

I'm just a poor girl, from a poor family; spare me this life of millennial absurdity.  I also sometimes write steamy romances under the pen name Michaela Kay such as "To Wake A Walker."

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He Says She Says
8 months ago
The human mind developed in a smaller, concrete world, where the 300 members of a tribe were the only people worth taking note of. Our mind evolved to keep track of complex relationships and emotions ...
Off with Their Heads
10 months ago
On the July 14, 1789, the peasants of France rioted, culminating into first the public death of their Governor Marquis, followed shortly by that of a local Mayor. Over the next month, the riots and at...
Despite All My Rage
10 months ago
"Calm down, your PMS is making you rage," says the dude who punched a hole in the wall because his girlfriend's ex sent her a text. "She went all crazy girlfriend on him," says the dude who regularly ...
He's Not Crazy
2 years ago
"America's Stupidest President" "Is Trump Mentally Well Enough to Be President?" "Our President Isn't Losing His Mind—He Never Had It To Start With" If you haven't heard statements like that, I envy w...
Taking on the Tone Police
2 years ago
Every now and then a prominent Black celebrity will be banned from Twitter or some other platform for saying something incendiary about white privilege. In the wake of such, my liberal friends often s...
Guns Among Us
2 years ago
I wish I could say I’d been blindsided by the most recent shooting, but I’m old enough to remember Columbine and frankly, the horror has become mundane. Sometimes I wonder if this was the way New York...