Guillermo Calvo

Former chair, Political Science, Government and International Relations Programs at the Universidad Autonoma de Manizales.  My university degrees are in political science, law, international legal studies and translation studies.

Delusional Illusions
a year ago
John Calvin (Jehan Cauvin, 1509 - 1564). What a guy! A guy for his times but perhaps not for ours. His disciples turned his doctrines on their heads and one result was the Protestant work ethic and ca...
On the North Korean Crises and the New Silk Roads
2 years ago
A recent informal discussion among several academics and civic leaders outside of the United States trying to understand and analyze emerging trends in light of emerging crises touched on a very distu...
Geopolitical Consequences of Global Warming in the Context of Current Domestic Politics
2 years ago
Hellooooooooo! Rise and shine, time to wake up! The future is knocking on our door and it does not seem as friendly as we might have hoped. No, it’s not the commies, not Islamic fundamentalists who fo...
On Why Democrats are the Greater Problem for Progressives
2 years ago
The virtually identical governance structures within our duopoly, i.e., the Democratic and Republican parties, pose virtually identical civic dangers. The results of their policies are virtually indis...
James Comey Versus Rod Rosenstein on Firing, Not Donald Trump
2 years ago
James Comey, formerly Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is a person sequentially loathed and loved, criticized and praised, a person who both Republicans and Democrats have severely cri...
On Our Political and Social Incoherence
2 years ago
I have always opposed US intervention in the Middle East, finding it not only immoral but counterproductive. It obviously makes it probable that United States citizens, both at home and abroad, will b...