Grant Patterson

Grant is a retired law enforcement officer and native of Vancouver, BC. He has also lived in Brazil. He has written twelve books. In 2018, two of them were shortlisted for the 2018 Wattys Awards. 

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The Reconciliation
a day ago
Dzerzhinsky Square, Moscow November, 1937 I squinted through the falling snow at the entrance of the looming prison opposite me. A massive boulevard separates us, and, anyway, the hulking Chekisti nex...
There's a Little Chernobyl in Us All
a month ago
It was a beautiful sunny day today. But I found myself inside, watching TV. Ordinarily, I wouldn't, but I'd been dying to see the new HBO Miniseries Chernobyl, and I knew it wasn't anything the rest o...
John Cusack Can Sit if He Wants To
a month ago
Pity poor John Cusack. The once successful actor, now relegated to what was once called "Straight to Video," when there was such a thing, caught some flak lately for his off-duty performance at a Cubs...
The Coming Era of Might Makes Right
a month ago
Lately, I've been coming to a depressing conclusion about the emerging character of our century. And it all started with travel television. I'm a fan of those shows where witty people with excellent c...