Glenn Bushinski

Poli Sci professor, closet protestor, and news addict. Definitely House Stark.

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Dear Donald, You Remind Me Of My Cult Leader
5 months ago
Dear Donald, You remind me of the cult leaders I used to work for and I must credit you with at least one thing--you are an expert at exploiting the fear of being wrong. It's brilliantly evil. You are...
Dear Donald... We'll Have to Save Ourselves
7 months ago
Dear Donald, Following the unprecedented 2017 presidential elections, our nation has been swept into unknown territory. Our country appears to be more polarized than ever at least politically, which r...
History of Political Cartoons
a year ago
Political cartoons have surged in popularity. With more people talking about politics, and with the nation so deeply divided, it becomes apparent that everyone wants validation for their political opi...
Infamous Presidential Sex Scandals
a year ago
Presidential sex scandals are something of an American past time. These affairs have been going on as far back as Thomas Jefferson's presidency, though with the advent of paparazzi and the digital age...
Actors Who Went Into Politics
a year ago
Celebrity actors have been dabbling in politics since the beginning of Hollywood. Besides serving the movie industry, they served our country as mayors, ambassadors, governors, and presidents—just a f...
Mysterious Political Decoy Cases
a year ago
We have all seen that person on the street that strikes an eerie resemblance to someone we know. Wondrous appearance similarities have dazzled many minds throughout time, and the phenomenon has even c...