Biography of Gahmeih “The Vagahbond”

Gahmeih “The Vagahbond” is an accomplished writer Born in Newark, NJ; Raised in Morristown, NJ. Spent over fifteen years as a "Rhymesayer" in the "Land of Emcee," otherwise known as Morris County, Nu Jeru

Brief History of the Black Panther Party
a year ago
The Black Panther Party was a civil rights organization whose primary focus was the protection of black neighborhoods from police brutality founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in October 1966. The group’s goal was condensed into a ten-point program to create areas of opportunity in human and civil rights, employment, housing, the inclusion of African American history in public schools, exclusion from military service, and equal justice within the court system. The group also published its ...
Brief History of the Young Lords Organization
a year ago
In general, The Young Lords was a nationalist group for Puerto Ricans who lived in — and migrated to — America. The group began as a gang in Lincoln Park Neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. By Sept 1969, the organization evolved into a human rights group led by Jose Cha Cha Jermenez with one of their main causes being the independence of Puerto Rico. The catalyst for the organization’s upgrade from “gang” into “human rights group” was the displacement of Puerto Rican immigrants — through Mayor Ri...