Francis Y. Algonkin

Writer, interested in many themes, very creative and outspoken.

F*ck the Corruption
a year ago
What is corruption? I don't want to copy any definition from the Internet so I'll rather offer my own one. To me corruption means bending the rules of the fair game into your advantage. It means emplo...
33 Ronald Reagan Jokes and One-Liners
a year ago
1. Allegedly, after the assassination attempt, the very first thing he said to the First Lady when she arrived at the hospital was, “Honey, I forgot to duck.” 2. To a nurse who told him to “keep up th...
Childhood and Adolescence of Alexander The Great
a year ago
Alexander was born in the year of 356 BC of mother Olympias, priestess of Zeus-Amon, and father Philip II. king of Macedon. At the moment of his birth, two eagles were flying over the Macedon's court,...