Edward Anderson

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Trump and The LGBT Lie
8 months ago
If there's one thing that Trump can be counted on for, it’s lying and not keeping his word. Has this man kept his word on anything that he promised during the 2016 Presidential campaign? Mexico isn’t ...
Open Letter to Treasonous Trump
8 months ago
It was bad enough that the election was stolen from the rightful winner, but Hillary made mistakes too. She got cocky and figured she had it in the bag and could help the down ticket. What’s worse is ...
Food Fight
8 months ago
Ready to be hungry? It’s fried chicken vs. pizza, as two family dynasties fight over one man’s use of a racial slur threatens a major pizza chain. Sounds like something Shonda Rhymes would write doesn...
Civil Hypocrisy
9 months ago
Confession: I’m supposed to be out promoting my new LGBT themed romance, Shape of Love. Instead, I’m caught in a tightening vase of anger because of Republicans. Not all of them, there are some Conser...
Open Letter to the Media
9 months ago
To Fellow Members of the Media: There is an issue that can no longer be ignored. It’s not that Susan Lucci isn’t the Oscar-Winner that she should be, though that is an issue for another day, the issue...
Debunking the Roseanne Myths
10 months ago
Have you ever had a moment that you wish could be erased from history? May 29, 2018, I had one. My Facebook is littered with pop culture talk because, well, I love pop culture. As I was covering the b...