Edward Anderson

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Feelings Trump Death
an hour ago
In the planning stages, this was going to be a satirical article about Donald Trump and how Senator John McCain hurt his feelings. Yet, during the course of research, it became evident that the premis...
Ryan 2020 Looking Likely
8 days ago
This will be music to the "Never Trump" segment of the Republican Party. It appears as though at least one prominent member is at least considering a run for the 2020 nomination against Trump. Paul Ry...
The Convenience of Overlooked Facts
17 days ago
“How do you know Trump is lying? He’s mouth is open!” It’s a common joke with liberals that the current Oval Office occupant can’t be trusted. Yet, there’s a bigger point here that is being missed. Su...
The Hillary Effect
22 days ago
Donald Trump lost the popular vote to her. Democrats once saw her as their messiah that would help them retain power and keep the White House under their control. Many have called her the most qualifi...
Sly Spy
a month ago
"You dirty, double-crossing rat." That is one of James Cagney's most famous lines. It is also applicable in many instances in politics and especially when it comes to the FBI and CIA. Most of their jo...
All Hail Queen Clapback
a month ago
"I'll dog walk you," Cardi B warned Tomi Lahren on Twitter after the Fox News (no) personality attempted to drag her. It was a good way to get the talentless female to back off of her, but if Cardi B ...