Edward Anderson

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Why Republicans Should Love Mayor Pete
3 months ago
Pete Buttigieg is surging in the polls, recently beating such heavyweight names as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Cory Booker, he also came within spitting distance of Senator Bernie Sanders. In...
The Case for Buttigieg
3 months ago
"To back up this assertion requires a lot of speculation, but it’s 2019, and speculation is our right. Let’s exercise it," T.A. Frank writes in his Vanity Fair article, "A Bit of Crazy Wouldn't Hurt."...
Mayor Pete Is Democrat's New Hope
4 months ago
In 2016, Republicans had 17 candidates vying for the nomination to be president. For the 2020 election, democrats have at least that many with more expected to throw their hat in the ring. Most of the...
Feelings Trump Death
4 months ago
In the planning stages, this was going to be a satirical article about Donald Trump and how Senator John McCain hurt his feelings. Yet, during the course of research, it became evident that the premis...
Ryan 2020 Looking Likely
4 months ago
This will be music to the "Never Trump" segment of the Republican Party. It appears as though at least one prominent member is at least considering a run for the 2020 nomination against Trump. Paul Ry...
The Convenience of Overlooked Facts
5 months ago
“How do you know Trump is lying? He’s mouth is open!” It’s a common joke with liberals that the current Oval Office occupant can’t be trusted. Yet, there’s a bigger point here that is being missed. Su...