Edward Anderson

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Open Letter to the Media
4 hours ago
To Fellow Members of the Media: There is an issue that can no longer be ignored. It’s not that Susan Lucci isn’t the Oscar-Winner that she should be, though that is an issue for another day, the issue...
Debunking the Roseanne Myths
22 days ago
Have you ever had a moment that you wish could be erased from history? May 29, 2018, I had one. My Facebook is littered with pop culture talk because, well, I love pop culture. As I was covering the b...
Should Oprah Run for President?
5 months ago
Donald Trump is probably seething right now. Republican leaders are scrambling this morning. Why? Because last night Oprah Winfrey gave, what many are considering, her first Presidential stump speech....
Here's the Thing, Taylor Swift
8 months ago
Is there any celebrity more careful about her reputation than Taylor Swift? Even as she begins to change her image from the good wholesome girl that many have come to love to the bad girl that she thi...
Nice, but Not Nice
8 months ago
In this day and age, it's easy to get published. Maybe you have to go through Amazon and self-publish, but you can do it and keep control of your intellectual property. But sometimes, you can be stubb...
The Hypocrisy Argument
8 months ago
Why do all the good stories break when I'm on vacation? Back in 2012, I was in NYC when Katie Holmes fled from the Cult of Scientology. This year, I go to San Diego for some R&R, when The New York Tim...