Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

Birthright Deportation
10 months ago
In the Autumn of this year our Fearless Leader in Washington is set to alter the Constitution in many ways. But, the 14th Amendment is the prime focus that President Trump wants to abolish. Our Foundi...
A National Crisis
10 months ago
Throughout history nations sought to gain security by protecting their borders. Many a time the process of protection involved military intervention. The United States though has had a long history of...
October Years
a year ago
Ask anyone who has reached that certain age if they are better off than their parents were. In this age when refined etiquette and dapper sophistication are sadly missing one who has attained that mil...
Trump's Tariff War
a year ago
The last week of September marked a troubling trend in American politics. First, we have the Kavanaugh hearings where several women now accuse him of misconduct. And all the news seems to focus around...
Treachery and Treason
a year ago
History is full of treacherous and deceitful acts committed by ruthless men and women. In desperate times there have always been those who conspire to alter the course of history. Some have succeed wh...
Impoverished Nation
a year ago
When the Peterson Foundation sited medium incomes for 2017 they implied that Americans are earning more than in previous years. Not so. When we take a closer look into the demographics of all American...