Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

The Audacity of Leadership
9 months ago
For some time now, there has and continues to be such audacity of our leaders to presume that they have done no harm to the American way of life. In sharp contrast to their rhetoric, the United States...
Is This the Shape of Things to Come?
9 months ago
As the soft gentle summer breeze flows, it is hard to imagine all the horror taking place in today's modern world. It seems mankind has really done it this time. Many of us especially baby boomers hav...
When Coffee Was a Dime
9 months ago
The world when coffee was a dime seems so distant now. The turbulence of the times mirrors much of the events that occurred almost like it was 86 years ago. Even though much has changed, much remains ...
Human Rights?
10 months ago
Today, our Republicans in congress and the Trump Administration are quite apt in forging a complete antithesis to the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. For that matter, in no other time in ...
Against All Odds
10 months ago
It is quite apparent that the DNC, as well as the most of our political leaders, continues to be oblivious to the real crisis facing America today. Not only are they noncommittal to the mounting inequ...
The Torch Has Been Passed
a year ago
In all through those years since the late 1960s, the United States has evolved into a nation that ceased to learn from the lessons of the past as to what made America such a the great nation. This was...