Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

The Game That's Played
4 months ago
One has to wonder about the political climate in the US today. On one hand, we have the Democratic Party still in disarray from their failure in the 2016 presidential election. Then there is the Repub...
4 months ago
So this is Christmas. A time of year when children everywhere wait in anticipation for Santa to deliver toys and games to every boy and girl. When we really think about though the kinds of toys that a...
High Level Deception
5 months ago
It is Christmas time once again and all through-out the land so many people are now filing unemployment claims. So much for good fellowship and joy this holiday season. The cries of thousands continue...
Divided We Fail
5 months ago
In this the 21st century we still have to remember lessons learned from history are valuable tools to secure the future. Too often, though, mankind hasn't learned many of the lessons that history is s...
Birthright Deportation
5 months ago
In the Autumn of this year our Fearless Leader in Washington is set to alter the Constitution in many ways. But, the 14th Amendment is the prime focus that President Trump wants to abolish. Our Foundi...
A National Crisis
6 months ago
Throughout history nations sought to gain security by protecting their borders. Many a time the process of protection involved military intervention. The United States though has had a long history of...