Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

Watershed Year
3 months ago
As the spring of 2019 continues, there still remains over 40 percent of the population that still can't grasp the reality of what Trump and the Republican party have done and continue to do to further...
Remember When
3 months ago
We all know the signs of growing old. That old tried and true phrase "I remember when" conjures up memories of a distant past. A past that was filled with a harmonious union of fellowship, camaraderie...
We the People
4 months ago
History is filled with facts that are too often ignored, deemed not credible, or otherwise dismissed. But, if we fail to recognize that certain events in the past just may have far reaching consequenc...
Assassination, Deceit, and Deception
4 months ago
What does the United States stand for today? The ideals that America was founded on were never before combined ... Liberty, justice, education, and morality these four basic principles were the basis ...
The Rise of Tyranny
4 months ago
Today, there is a sense of urgency that prevails in the consciousness of many. The world is moving much faster now. The tempo of life is racing so fast there is no time for rational thinking only reac...
5 months ago
With the United States government in complete polarization between both parties, the wheels of progress have almost come to a complete halt. In a bygone era when just compromise was inevitable, the wh...