Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

A Divine Obligation
2 years ago
" He who hath come into this world has a divine obligation to serve humanity." This quote sums up what mankind should do, and should continue to do for the betterment, enrichment, and enlightenment of...
The American Agenda
2 years ago
In the mist of this President's trial-by-error administration, the Democratic Party continues to grasp at straws for an agenda that would rally a nation that most feel is moving in a very wrong direct...
The Ultimate Conspiracy
2 years ago
Through-out the ages there have been catastrophic plagues, pandemics, and diseases that have decimated whole populations. Going back to the Middle Ages the scourge of mankind was the Black Death, the ...
Education Reform
2 years ago
The American educational experience from the late 1960's thru today has been a total disaster. Instead of securing our place in educational standards when the educational experience of the post World ...
Winds Of War
2 years ago
Once our earth was filled with green fields that were kissed by the sun. Once there were blue skies filled with white clouds gently floating high above. Once there were valleys where fresh clean water...
Descent Into Darkness
2 years ago
As time marches on the tempo of life has filled the world with an anxiousness, a foreboding premonition of darker times ahead. Today, the world has morphed into a more violent and troubled place. A pl...