Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

2 days ago
They have always said that history repeats. As the United States continues to fall into disgrace with Trumpism being the order of the day it should come to no surprise to begin to see the similarities...
Inside Out
24 days ago
Is it too late to say you're sorry America? When Ben Franklin stated when asked what kind of government was created, his reply was "a republic if you can keep it." Profound, yes, and yet all indicatio...
Against All Odds
a month ago
Throughout history it has been proven that where there is acute poverty there is corruption in governments. Where there is corruption in governments there is only a perpetuating vicious cycle of econo...
A Matter of Survival
a month ago
We are entering an increasingly dangerous period in the history of mankind. Our world, our oceans are so precariously close to causing unimaginable, catastrophic disaster for all life on planet Earth....
The Hour Glass
2 months ago
As the sands of time flow downward the sea of change continues to ebb. It ebbs not with grace but with a velocity of a coming tsunami. The world that I once knew when I was young is unrecognizable now...
3 months ago
They say money can't buy happiness. That is not entirely true. In today's world in America and all around the globe, money is the predominate means to attain the necessities of life. Whether to buy fo...