Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

The Hour Glass
16 days ago
As the sands of time flow downward the sea of change continues to ebb. It ebbs not with grace but with a velocity of a coming tsunami. The world that I once knew when I was young is unrecognizable now...
24 days ago
They say money can't buy happiness. That is not entirely true. In today's world in America and all around the globe, money is the predominate means to attain the necessities of life. Whether to buy fo...
And, the Carnage Continues
a month ago
Could it be that the times of today are masked by the Devil's hand? One has to wonder considering the carnage that played out in Las Vegas. The perpetrators of calamity continue to carry out their hei...
National Economic Reforms: Department of Economic Development
3 months ago
Not since FDR has the United States been faced with the enormity of rebuilding America's economy and infrastructure. Today, our economy and our infrastructure is putting this nation's security and sta...
The Mounting Tempest
3 months ago
Hindsight is relative in proportion to events that have already occurred. That being said, with the transgressions that the Trump administration has done, many now wonder would the electoral college h...
The Greatest Challenge
3 months ago
Are we being led like sheep to the slaughter by leaders after quenching their thirst off of the tears of the masses? Is mankind going to dissolve into obscurity where all that is left is woe and miser...