Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

The Failure Of Leadership
10 days ago
The dystopian condition that much of the world today the plight of humanity continues to languish in desperation praying for better times ahead. And it can't be more evident than right here in the Uni...
Truman's Blunder and the World Today
2 months ago
In all of recorded history of the United States one instance stands out that still to this day has complicated international relations almost to the point of igniting another World War. Lessons learne...
For Unity
2 months ago
Every few decades there have been moments that seem to suggest the United States might somehow get it's act together. Unfortunately, today there have been no moments that even come close to signaling ...
When America Played The Trump Card The United States Lost
2 months ago
Who would have thought that at the beginning of last year's Presidential Primaries, Donald Trump would go on to become the President. In retrospect, too many Americans failed to heed the warning signs...
The Debt Of A Nation
2 months ago
The history of this nation is being written in the annals of debt that has become almost to insurmountable. There have been two critical factors that have derailed the sovereignty and stability of the...
The Failings of Trump And Our Government
2 months ago
For the first time in recent memory, the United States has a sitting President who by all accounts has demoralized the office of the Presidency. Since his term began there have been crisis after crisi...