Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident
17 days ago
History is an invaluable tool for if used wisely the lessons learned, chances are history won't repeat. But, too often it has been our own failure to not heed the lessons that history is supposed to t...
No Country for Poor People
22 days ago
In a world of undeniable hostility, where at any moment a terror so horrendous could spark a global catastrophe, millions the world over continue to languish hopelessly in desperation. A desperation o...
Is This The Best We Can Do?
25 days ago
Are America's best days behind us? Many people might actually agree with that statement. Then again there are those who have a more optimistic appraisal. But, one can not help ponder how we managed as...
Watershed Year
a month ago
As the spring of 2019 continues, there still remains over 40 percent of the population that still can't grasp the reality of what Trump and the Republican party have done and continue to do to further...
Remember When
2 months ago
We all know the signs of growing old. That old tried and true phrase "I remember when" conjures up memories of a distant past. A past that was filled with a harmonious union of fellowship, camaraderie...
We the People
2 months ago
History is filled with facts that are too often ignored, deemed not credible, or otherwise dismissed. But, if we fail to recognize that certain events in the past just may have far reaching consequenc...