Dr. Brian Smithberger

Public Speaker, Public Policy Advocate, and Philosopher

Automation Controls Engineer/tech.

Industrial Electrician

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A Discourse On Recourse: Crime and Punishment
a year ago
Today, during the modern time of technological advancement and the freedom of information, there is a new form of slavery. One in which freedom is hard to access, and that at the whim of mercy. Curren...
Political Leadership
2 years ago
Formerly, my articles discussed some legislation to help our nation as well as some history to alleviate the tension with our new president. Continuing on, what does it sum up to be? All of it is base...
One Side Fits All
2 years ago
Throughout history we see in writings, great men and women who have contributed to the political landscape. Intertwined in this greatness of ideologies is woven a tapestry of factions. There have been...
2 years ago
Recently, while reading George W. Bush's memoir Decision Points, I began to wonder about my own contributions to my community and society as a whole. I realized I helped to better my community in minu...