Donald Gray

Politics may be a disgusting battlefield, but it is a necessary vice in our country, and a particular fancy of mine, like productivity and success. These are important facets in the modern world, and must be expounded upon.

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Ways to Fix the Democratic Party
6 months ago
There's no hiding from it anymore: the DNC needs some R&R—or, something that can not only be of benefit, but of overall holistic change to the entirety of the party. While it's obvious that these adap...
Creepy Government Conspiracies You Didn't Know About
7 months ago
Is the era of heroes dead? These conspiracy theorists would have you believe so, as their hypotheses concerning under the radar actions involving the government and it's various subsidiaries remain so...
Most Ridiculous Things Melania Trump Has Ever Said
7 months ago
Donald Trump is not new to the world of controversy, fake news and White House media coverage. In fact, his name and face have most likely appeared in practically every daily newspaper, news telecast,...
Best Political Comedy Movies to Keep Your Mind Off Politics
7 months ago
Political satires are some the most poignant and blunt of all artistic endeavors that which seem to make fun of the natural order. Without political comedies, like the beloved Saturday Night Live skit...
The Best Political Cartoons from the 1800s
9 months ago
Sometimes claiming to be messages to the president of their times, otherwise becoming satirical in nature of their very period, more often than not reshaping the very climate of policy and diplomacy i...
Famous Political Scandals of the 1970s
9 months ago
With such controversies as Monica Lewinsky, Benghazi, and John McCain's inclusion among the "Keating Five," we come upon a slippery slope in American self-interests when realizing that America isn't t...