Dillon Staples

My name is Dillon Staples. I am a sophomore at Eastern University in Pennsylvania. I am a Political Science major and History minor. Political criticism falls on deaf ears when respect is absent. 

Protecting the Next Generation: School Shootings
a year ago
Schools, while not perfect in practice, are one of the primary ways that children obtain knowledge. Children have become victims of violence in their place of learning, and, as of now, there are no feasible solutions to preventing violent acts, including shootings. Political bickering has prevented a solution that protects the lives of innocent children.
Illegal Immigration: Unpopular Opinion
a year ago
Every article that I researched to use as a reference for this piece was highly partisan. The notion that a consistent centrist source exists about illegal immigration is false. In modern society, the...
No Backbone: The Millennial’s Integrity Struggle
a year ago
Millennials spend large amounts of time on social media, hence the reason it has become the platform most used for the spread of misinformation. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and every other...
Dying Democracy: The Collapse of Compromise
a year ago
If one were to ask anyone that predates the millenials about the current political atmosphere, responses tend to be of similar nature. Despite political affiliation, everyone seems to have a strong di...