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Professor, Consultant, Doer. Founder/Publisher of The IDEA Publishing (http://www.theideapublishing.com/) & Modern Business Press (http://www.modernbusinesspress.com)

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What Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Melania Trump Have in Common?
18 days ago
There can be no doubt that politics—for good and for bad—has come to the fore of American life in the Age of Trump. Whether online or in-person, with strangers or with family and friends, politics see...
Get Out! (...Of Our Doubletree Hotel)
19 days ago
If there is one "most unfortunate trend of 2018," other than some things we could point to in fashion, music and movies (I'm talking to you, Will Ferrell!), there is one serious trend that seriously n...
Grand Theft Government
a month ago
In my experience as a management consultant and professor, I have found that there really are three types of executives. Whether in the private or public sectors—and in the largest and smallest of org...
Economics 101 in Action
a month ago
You want to see how the free market works? You want to see economic principles come to life? You want to see the "invisible hand" of capitalism in action? Well, a recent story out of Pennsylvania illu...
New Mexico—It's like a State, like All the Others!
a month ago
Believe it or not, there's a big business today that exists trying to improve something that sounds like a bad oxymoron—that is customer service in government. At all levels of government—and indeed a...
Step 1: Google It!
2 months ago
It is Branding 101 in the modern world. Say you want to name your new product? Say you need to come up with a name for your new small business? Say you have the desire to create an organization to hel...