Darrius Dickerson

(Former) Grunt that’s been stuck in traffic for the past 15 years, it seems; from DC to Seattle & Iraq, to back in The District. I love my Little Monster more than life itself. Born Day: 4/20.

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Dear Drumpf
20 days ago
It is to be cursed with a blessing to know your family’s true name in a world where you are deemed “Leader of the free world.” I pray that I’m not the one known for yelling “Fire!” in the church on ac...
Overall Impact of Society’s Perception of Blacks
8 months ago
The following is my second essay of my most recent semester. There are a few edits and a bit more thought put into the subject matter. As my recollection serves me, I may have read this once since it ...
How I Immediately Determine 'Blackness' Upon Meeting Individuals
a year ago
Dickerson, Darrius 6 February 2018 AFA-1010 How I Immediately Determine “Blackness” Upon Meeting Individuals I do not attempt to. I honestly could not care less whether or not someone is Black, or of ...