Danielle Dragani

I am an unknown, self educated, high school drop out. I write to understand and for the release. 

Find my art on Danielle.Dragani (Instagram) and more writing at https://rambelingsontheworld.wordpress.com

Stomach Stones
12 days ago
"Ay! You got time for human rights?!" "Want to help save the world?!" "Hey you got a second to give a shit about anyone other than yourself?!" pause.. "Ah shit, did I say that out loud?" Hell with it,...
What Happens When We Forget We're Human?
3 months ago
It started with a thought, a maniacal imagination, really, that ran wild in my head in an airport in Salt Lake City. I was on a layover, headed for Denver, Colorado and I was running on two hours of s...
Monsanto and the World They Condemned
7 months ago
I know what you’re thinking, yes Monsanto (the fat GMO spreadin’ agricultural giant) was bought out by Bayer (the fat Pharmaceutical big wigs), so the name is gone. So technically there is no more Mon...
10 months ago
"Holy sh*t man," he came running back after a moment, papers flapping wildly in his hand. I was working another minimum wage job in an endless stream of minimum wage jobs, and I was still trying to fo...
On Poverty and Dignified Exits
a year ago
"I don't understand the point of living in a capitalist society if the people aren't happy. And you know, I'm old I remember a time when you didn't have to work all of the time to make ends meet, just...