Dan McGinnis

I've been a freelance writer for nearly 20 years.  I love politics & entertainment, and frequently write about both.  My interests are diverse--just like my articles.

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Out with the with the New
5 months ago
Just two months ago there was a Beltway rumor that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was about to quit or be fired. The White House denied it. Tillerson denied it. The State Department feigned ignor...
Trump 2020
5 months ago
Write this down on your calendar: Donald Trump did NOT fly to Mar-A-Lago this past weekend. Instead, he ventured to Pennsylvania to hold a campaign rally for his 2020 re-election campaign. One year in...
Unknown Unknowns
5 months ago
Let me get this straight. The American president and the North Korean dictator are going to sit down across from one another in May. Until then, North Korea promises no more missile launches or nuclear tests. If ever there was an example of a KNOWN UNKNOWN, this meeting will definitely be one of them. The North Korean leader supposedly issued a personal request to meet with the American president through South Korean intermediaries. The US was not party to the discussions, has no first-hand know...
Thoughts and Prayers
6 months ago
Another school shooting. Seventeen amazing young people and teachers murdered in a Florida high school. A dozen more injured. Hundreds traumatized by the event. Tragic. We send our thoughts and prayer...
The Trump Phenomenon
6 months ago
It has been a fascinating case study for a political science major like me. I have been involved in politics at all levels all since high school. The first campaign I worked on was Ronald Reagan's pre...
Rebirth of the Republican Party
6 months ago
Every generation sees the rebirth of a political party. Republicans ushered in the age of Ronald Reagan and a new confidence and pride in being conservative. Democrats enjoyed a resurgence of populari...