Dan McGinnis

I've been a freelance writer for nearly 20 years.  I love politics & entertainment, and frequently write about both.  My interests are diverse--just like my articles.

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Thoughts and Prayers
19 hours ago
Another school shooting. Seventeen amazing young people and teachers murdered in a Florida high school. A dozen more injured. Hundreds traumatized by the event. Tragic. We send our thoughts and prayer...
The Trump Phenomenon
14 days ago
It has been a fascinating case study for a political science major like me. I have been involved in politics at all levels all since high school. The first campaign I worked on was Ronald Reagan's pre...
Rebirth of the Republican Party
15 days ago
Every generation sees the rebirth of a political party. Republicans ushered in the age of Ronald Reagan and a new confidence and pride in being conservative. Democrats enjoyed a resurgence of populari...