Dallas Pinkerton

I'm a second-year mathematics major at Ball State University with a minor in French

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The End of Apartheid in South Africa and Its Implications
8 months ago
The end of South African apartheid was a resounding human rights victory heard around the world. It was from the years 1948 to 1994 South Africa was under rule of systematic racial oppression that cam...
The Failure of the War on Drugs
a year ago
The Failure of the War on Drugs and How It Can Be Rectified On July 14, 1969, Richard Nixon made a speech to Congress, identifying drugs as a serious national threat. Additionally, he called for feder...
Free Speech and the New Left
a year ago
In 1964, the University of California Berkeley was engaging in what would come to be known as The Free Speech Movement. During this time subversive ideas were plentiful, though not all embraced, espec...