Craig York

I am a Film student from Newcastle, currently studying at The Northern School of Art.

I am aspiring to be a Screenwriter because more then anything, I love writing. Whether an essay, review, short story or a screenplay, I love it.

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A Short Review of 'Peterloo' (2018, Mike Leigh)
a month ago
Strong and intense was the experience I found with Peterloo. Based on the Peterloo massacre that occurred in Manchester, 1819, writer and director Mike Leigh presents to us a tale of true sorrow and shocking repercussions, displaying one of the most truly horrible events in the darker side of Britain's history. The film is very slow and patient with the story, aiming not to rush things, making sure every detail is painstakingly perfect. All of which adds to the tension, until the final moment. T...
Depictions of Communism in Cinema and Other Media
7 months ago
Communism has always been an ideology that has keenly interested me. As a Democratic Socialist I 'believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically—to meet public needs, not to ma...