Carlos Guerra

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Thank you for taking the time to read my work, I appreciate every one of you.

Waiting for the next chapter to one of my projects reach out to me on Instagram @cj_bnb @wrp_author @ancient_astronaut117 

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Bernie Sanders Guest Stars on the 'Joe Rogan Experience'
6 days ago
Can you feel the burn! If you were one of the millions of people chanting this catchphrase 3 years back, then there is a good chance it's 'cause you were a Bernie Sanders supporter. During his run for...
The Death of Mainstream Media
7 months ago
It is said that anything that has a beginning will inevitably come to an end. This premise is one of the only things that is guaranteed for any person, place or thing in the known universe. Although I...
Sulawesi Disaster
10 months ago
The country of Indonesia has always proved a difficult place to live throughout human history. This is cause of its location on the belt of fire, the portion of the world that wraps around the Pacific...
Space Force
a year ago
Our 6th Military Branch
2018 Volcanos
a year ago
- Hawaii, Kilauea Volcano - It was on the 3rd of may when the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory issued an evacuation order for hundreds of people. A fissure had opened up near the indigenous volcanic struc...