Cameron Puckey

Amateur Writer and Philosopher, travelling the world with my voice, mind and laptop.

Protests in Venezuala
2 years ago
From February 12th, 2014, protests against the government have been nearly constant in the streets of the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. Recently, they're kicking off once again in 2017. These protester...
Does Religion Affect Politics?
2 years ago
Religion. No doubt. No questioning. Politics. Always Oppose. Always Question. So why do these always seem to go together, why is it that many voters vote in favour of their religion rather than the po...
3 Reasons the People Voted Brexit
2 years ago
Although there were advantages and disadvantages on both sides I would like to explore the figure that truly suggests the real reason people voted leave on Thursday, 23rd of June 2016. For many Britai...
The Possible Future Events - Europe
2 years ago
The old superpowers are falling, new nations are rising, Europe is in political chaos, Northern Africa and the Middle East are facing revolutions, uprising and terrorism, Equatorial Africa and South A...