C. Raymond Martin

Aspiring script/book/graphic novel writer and avid NFL fan. Likes rainy days and walks on the beach but my biggest turn on? Honesty.

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Universal Credit
a month ago
Recently, the contract for my temporary employment at a certain call centre came to an end. I can't say that I miss it. There's something about being routinely told that I'm a worthless idiot by facel...
All Your Heroes Are Dead
3 months ago
"Man, in his arrogance, thinks himself a great work. Worthy of the interposition of a deity..." Darwin wrote in his notebook in the decades prior before he would publish The Origin of Species, this si...
There Is No Great Replacement
6 months ago
Alright. So, this will be my third piece (second concerning a conspiracy theory) and honestly, this one feels like I'm putting my own head in a noose, like I'm about to catch all kinds of shit for thi...
Them Furious Days
8 months ago
At 3:39 AM of November 28, 2018, Harry Leslie Smith died. He was 95. He spent his twilight years in turning to writing and championing public services such as the NHS to see that the generations of hi...
Bill Hicks Is Not Alex Jones
8 months ago
I'm a big fan of Bill Hicks. I have read two of his biographies, sat through three documentaries, and watched his specials so many times to the point that I can recite chunks of his material—usually i...