Brittany D

I am a writer, author and painter. I have a Master's degree in Creative Writing and love writing about all kinds of topics. I'm a conservative republican, but respect all views. 

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Why Defending Freedom of Speech Is Vital to Our Freedom
5 months ago
The picture above shows a pretty clear picture, both sides of the political party. The people against Trump and the people for him. I voted for Trump, and plan to again in 2020—maybe you want to vote ...
What It Means to Be a Trump Supporter...​
6 months ago
As children, we grow up learning through our parents. We learn by seeing, experiencing and what we are taught. Depending on where you are from and what era your parents were from depends on your upbri...
A Letter to the Hero of Our Nation
7 months ago
Dear President Trump, Over the past couple of years, I've stood by and supported you through all your ideas and claims. Everything you've proposed I've supported first hand. I've defended you, taken a...
To Thine Own Self, Be True...
7 months ago
The world is ever-changing, and as an individual, you grow and evolve right along with it. Each individual develops their own morals, opinions, and strength where they stand for those beliefs. There i...