Brian Dollard

An amalgamation of conservative and classical liberal values I call myself a Libertarian when discussing politics with new people.

Are Firearms More Deadly Than Automobiles?
5 months ago
I just read Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang post to his Twitter account his case for gun control:“There is no practical reason for citizens to have assault weapons. We need to treat gun ...
President Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
a year ago
Two Norwegian lawmakers have nominated United States President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination comes on the heels of President Trump’s role in the summit in Singapore with North...
The Starbucks Boycott
a year ago
Apparently, two people arrested for trespassing at a Starbucks location is worthy of national news, Good Morning America appearances, and a call for a boycott of our overpriced, trendy corporate coffe...
The Right to Bear Arms
a year ago
Self preservation is a right shared by all law-abiding Americans. Whether or not you choose to personally exercise that right should not be contingent on another’s decision of whether or not they exer...