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Canadian Racism that Is Largely Ignored
2 months ago
So it's often heard that Canada and the USA have two different mentalities when it comes to immigration. This is a little bit of a hot topic in the USA right now. It's made me think of the different i...
Legalization of Drugs in Canada
7 months ago
Legalization of marijuana is upon us in Canada. The government has looked into this for years and are trying to safeguard Canadians the best they can of any potential issues like driving impairment an...
Our Duty to the Environment
7 months ago
I hear a lot of people telling us that we have to protect the environment. We hear sayings like, "It's our duty since it's our home," and, "Our children will suffer the consequences of the actions we ...
Guns Aren't Only an American Problem
7 months ago
We hear about the horrific shootings in the United States and grieve with our southern neighbours. Canadians generally think these situations are isolated in the US and don't believe it can happen in ...
Poverty Becomes Cyclical in Canada
8 months ago
The old saying is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I reflected on this in my everyday life and realized the privilege that people experience when they have money. The options are greater a...