Bradford Chase

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I am a wandering generality who loves to take pictures and write stories. I see photography as a medium capable of stopping time and allowing the viewer an opportunity for quiet contemplation. Join me in relishing life. 

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This Is a Dangerous Reason Racism Will Lose Its Impact on America
20 days ago
It’s frightening when fables we heard as children become lessons we do not learn as adults. We’re watching this unfold around us in present time. Do you remember the childhood story of the boy who cri...
This Is What Happens When Educated People Close Their Minds to Diversity
22 days ago
Do you believe it’s possible to encourage diversity while keeping an open mind in the process? Embracing diversity is important. No man or women wanders through this life in a vacuum. We depend on oth...
Does the US Constitution Really Matter Anymore?
23 days ago
Is there still any argument for our country continuing to follow an old document like our Constitution? 50 years ago, this question wasn't necessary. Teaching about the importance of this document was...