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Why I Abandoned Politics (To Contemplate How Politicians Smell)
10 months ago
To be honest, following politics for the multipartisan political analysis/comedy group Drafting The Hill kind of gave me a (gigantic) nervous breakdown/existential crisis worthy of a pill-popping socc...
If You Got Mad at Starbucks, YOU Are the Racist
a year ago
This Starbucks situation is really pissing me off. That might not be an eloquent way of describing the thoughts within me right now, but it is an accurate one. The corporation, whose products I am act...
Kanye Is Right: Slavery Was (and Still Is) a Choice
a year ago
I've seen a lot of outrage recently. A lot of hate mixed with joke telling, name calling, and meme making. I'm reading long, curse laden, and often grammatically incorrect rants every single time I'm ...
Why School Shootings Happen
a year ago
Gun control only works to disarm law abiding citizens, as police, military, and criminals all will still have access to the latest and greatest in the firearms world. Needing gun control to curb schoo...
The Americans Who Can't Vote: Puerto Ricans
a year ago
I asked a good friend of mine a question the other day and I’d never felt so awkward or odd after asking someone something in all my life. I felt entitled; I felt as if I was in a superior social clas...