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How Social Media Would Have Destroyed Our Political Heroes
2 years ago
Social media has only held sway over three presidents in American history, and, in that time, it has reshaped the political landscape. Presidents have risen and fallen thanks to the internet's influen...
Craziest Wire Taps in US History
2 years ago
Electronic communication has permeated modern society; it's no wonder that wire tapping has become almost expected in the US. The Patriot Project normalized wire tapping for an entire generation. It i...
Must See Movies About Politics
2 years ago
Often when we look at the political theater, it almost seems like the political maneuvers senators and generals pull are facelifted from the latest cinematic political thriller, almost as though real life is following a movie script. Still, Hollywood can't be beaten when it comes to entertaining political madness (as opposed to real life's soul crushing political madness). Cinematic politicians speak with unmatched eloquence, dressed to impress, and don't look like melted ice cream sundaes stuff...
What is a Joint Session of Congress?
2 years ago
As President Trump addresses his first Joint Session of Congress only months after stepping into the presidency, the American people are allowed an insiders look into a tradition which began in the 18...
What Would Happen if Trump Cracked Down on Marijuana?
2 years ago
On February 23rd 2017, Sean Spicer, President Donald Trump's Secretary of State, took to the podium to declare that the government had every intent on cracking down on recreational marijuana use. This...
10 Pieces of Fake News and Their Sources from Before 1978
2 years ago
This current election has brought the idea of fake news from the dusty racks along supermarkets to the mainstream. For many growing up in the 80s and 90s, when one heard "fake news," they thought of t...